Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club

Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club is one of the oldest and one of the strongest rifle clubs in Australia.

Formed in 1915, (with our sister club, the Mosman-Neutral Bay Smallbore Rifle Club), we are fast-approaching our hundredth anniversary, and continue to perform at the highest standard, with many members representing New South Wales and Australia in what is Australia's oldest international sport.

Kerrie McGuiganRifle target shooting is a sport where all competitors (regardless of age, sex, physique, strength and stamina) compete on an equal footing. It demands physical and mental agility and skill, without requiring extraordinary strength and staying power - the rifle does all the work.

Shooting teaches discipline and patience, preparation and anticipation, accurate observation and judgement, safety and mutual respect. It is by some measure one of the safest sports in Australia.

Our members range from teenagers to octogenarians and collectively represent a wealth of experience; everyone has a positive attitude to bringing on newcomers to the sport - a club ethos that has enabled us to attract, train and retain the best marksmen in the country.

We cannot organise shooting functions for groups, but individuals are welcome to arrange a trial shoot.


How do I Start?

There are formalities, understandable given that we use rifles in our sport, that everyone has to complete. First, you should join a club. Then you have to complete a firearms safety course. Next you have to obtain a Firearms Licence which entitles you to use a rifle. Lastly, and only if you need to, you can apply for a further licence to acquire your own rifle.

The club has several rifles that beginners can use until such time as you decide to get your own - as most shooters do in due course.

We can help you through the formalities while you learn the basics of our sport.