Membership of Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club



We have an annual membership fee, which includes fees payable in respect of compulsory club, state, and national associations, of between $250 and $300.

The sum applicable to you depends on your age and situation and whether or not you want to receive a particular magazine and one or two other options. all this will be explained further before you decide to apply to join. A very small portion of this fee helps to cover the fixed running costs of the club.

Range Fees:

Every day we shoot there are also range fees, which are currently set at $20 per day. We shoot once a week, so the weekly cost is $20.

These fees pay for the hire of the rifle range, target maintenance and daily running costs.


You will need 12 rounds of ammunition per shoot, as you are permitted two sighters before your scoring run of 10 shots. Good shooters will save a little if they can get their sighters into the bull: the sighting scores can be converted to count, but you should never start to shoot without 24 rounds for your two shoots. Converting sighters isn't automatic, even for the top shooters.

The cost of ammunition is currently $25 per box of 20, and can be bought at the NSWRA store on the range, once you have a firearms licence.

Trial Shoots:

For people trying out the sport we will provide 20 rounds of ammunition and the appropriate supervision for $60 and we will provide everything, including a rifle, ammunition, all other equipment, hearing protection, and a coach.

If you wish to continue with the club we will then explain the membership process. This will involve you getting your own firearms licence, which will enable you to buy your own rifle and ammunition thereafter.