What We Do at Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club

We use 7.62mm (Winchester .308) or 5.56mm single-shot bolt-action rifles. We shoot at inanimate flat paper targets - a round black spot on a white background. We compete against other clubs over the distances of 300, 500, 600, 700, and 800m. The rifles can weigh up to 6.5kg, have 'peep' or "iron" sights (for TR Class, and a scope for F-Class), and we shoot in the prone position. That is, lying face-down.

Competitions are usually out of ten shots, each worth up to 5 points, with bonuses for particularly-central shots used to settle ties. Bonuses are called "Centres" or "V-Bulls". The maximum score is thus 50, and the maximum number of Centres is thus 10. A score of 49.9 (49 out of 50 with 9 Centres) is beaten by a score of 50.0 (50 out of 50 with no V-Bulls). F-Class shooters get 6 points for a smaller Centre, and can score 60.10 on a very good day.

We use electronically-scored targets - very accurate and very quick to respond - with the score transmitted wirelessly to a computer screen beside the shooter.