Anybody can apply to join Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club. You don't have to be from either Mosman or Neutral Bay! Members are of all ages, from all walks of life, and of every ability from expert to beginner. You don't have to be particularly fit, nor strong, nor heavily-built - the rifle does the work. Shooting is one of the few individual and team sports where men and women compete together on equal terms.

Some of our members have been shooting with us since the late 1940s, others joined as teenagers a year ago. We have a wealth of experience available to shooters in need of advice - and that includes everyone from time to time.

Newcomers to the sport in Australia have to complete and pass a firearms safety course before being allowed to shoot, and of course safety is every shooter's highest priority. Statistically, shooting is the safest sport in the country (there are so few accidents of any kind that shooting doesn't even figure in the reports). This is due to training, vigilance and strong common-sense tempered with experience and simple rules.

Once you have completed a firearms training course you are allowed to apply for a firearms licence, and once you have that you can start shooting with us. Provided that we are happy with your progress and attitude to safety, you will normally be admitted to full membership 6 months later. For experienced shooters who already hold a firearms licence, this period may be reduced substantially.

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