NSWRA Queen's Prize Meeting 13-17SEP17

MNBRC had three shooters in the top 10 of the warm-up McIntosh match, and a different 3 (albeit with Stuart Collings in both) in the top ten of the Queen's Prize first day.

In the Queen's II there was one name in the top 10, 1 shot and 4 Vs off the pace.

The Queen's Aggregate had Stuart Collngs back on top, one shot and 2 Vs clear, David Smith at 6th, 5 shots behind, and Michael Millen at 10th, a further two shots behind, but a V-count second only to Stuart's winning score. Tight Groups.

Stuart Collings NSW Queen's Prize Winner 2017


David Smith Stuart Collings Tony McGuigan and Michael Millen Sagard Team Prize Winners NSWRA Open 2017 for MNBRC


David Smith 6th, Michael Millen 10th and Stuart Collings 1st in NSWRA Queens Prize 2017