Trophies and Competition Rules

Club Championships, Gradings, and Trophies

"On 27th March 1915 Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club was formed following a Public Meeting held earlier at the Mosman Town Hall."

Mosman-Neutral celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015!

Over its 107 years Mosman-Neutral Bay RC has been and still is a very strong club, known not only within Australia, but internationally. The club can boast Queen's and King's Prize winners, Australian Team representatives, Oceania team representatives, New South Wales team representatives, an 18 year stronghold on the MDRA A Grade Series (1983-2001), and a tightly contested club championship.

Mosman-Neutral Bay has recently archived a large amount of historical information and club records in the Mosman library (see the little bit of history section). Gary Somerville has done a tremendous job of locating and collating all this information and has produced a CD of the club's history which can be purchased through the club.

MDRA Grade Series

The Sydney Metropolitan District Rifle Association (MDRA) runs a Grade series over each financial year. There are four different divisions called A, B, C and D grade, and each club can enter as many teams as they are able to field. A team consists of 8 shooters plus coaches (either shooting or non-shooting), the best 6 scores to count. There are six 'grade days' each season and the Anzac rifle range population almost doubles on each of these days! Each grade day is dedicated to a particular range; 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, or 800 meters. The aggregates of each range are used not only for determining the winners in each separate grade; they also count towards the Champion Club competition, where Mosman has been very successful over the past few decades.

Off Rifle Club Championship

Mosman-Neutral Bay runs an annual club off rifle championship over the financial year. Each week our club range scores can be counted towards the Championship, where the top two scores at each range (300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 meters) are counted in the aggregate. Due to Mosman-Netural Bay being a strong club we separate the club into sections, not grades. Section 1 and 2 are all A grade shooters whereas section 3 consists of B and C grade shooters, based on club averages. The club championship is a hotly contested even each year, where even the last Saturday of the shooting calendar can produce the final winning score for the club champion. Each section winner is awarded a trophy; section 1 compete for the Ken Lee Memorial trophy and their name on the board in the clubrooms!. Section 2 compete for the F.E. McDermott Cup, and section 3 compete for the Phil Somerville Shield.

Handicap Club Championship

The handicap club championships is run on the same format as the off rifle event. However instead of 3 separate sections, the winner of the club handicap trophy (FC Mason Memorial Trophy) is the person with the highest aggregate score with handicap. There is also a trophy for the highest aggregate score with handicap for the members in Section 2 and 3 combined (J Norquay Memorial Trophy).


The club also runs several other competitions over the shooting calendar:

  • Trentham Cup - Junior championship which is restricted to members under the age of 21, and have completed a minimum of one shoot at each range.
  • Short Range Championship Trophy - Highest aggregate off rifle over 300, 400, and 500 meters, best 2 shoots to count. Excluding the winner of the off rifle winner in the club championship.
  • Patrons Plate - is awarded to the highest off rifle aggregate, best two shoots to count, over 600, 700 and 800 meters.
  • Long Range Handicap Cup - Highest aggregate with handicap, best 2 shoots to count, over 600, 700 and 800 meters. Excluding the winner of the off rifle in the club championship.
  • Most Improved Trophy - the most improved new shooter, assessed primarily on coached shoots.
  • H.W. Berman Trophy - Highest number of possibles in all club shoots.
  • G.W. Berman Trophy - Highest number of double possibles in all club shoots.
  • Bill Catlin Memorial Trophies - Awarded to the highest number of central bulls in the counting shoots for the club championship. There are two trophies; one for the open club competition, and one for the members in section 2 and 3. Excludes the winner of the open trophy for the section 2 and 3 trophy if in that section.
  • Young Cup - or the snipers trophy. This cup is awarded to the most bullseye sighters saved in all championship shoots.
  • Monthly Handicaps - Each month the person with the highest aggregate with handicap is awarded club spork!
  • W.T.S Memorial Mug - Awarded to the highest score with handicap at the Christmas shoot.
  • Ken Lee Memorial Grade Trophies - The highest aggregate scorers in each Grade Team. A trophy is awarded per grade team entered in the MDRA grade for the year.
  • NSWRA Medal - This competition is shot over 500, 700, and 800 meters on a nominated day, and the winner receives the NSWRA medal provided by the NSWRA.