Safety at Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club


Safety is our first, foremost and most important concern.

Nobody is immune from comment or challenge if safety is in question. Nobody.

Safety is the watchword, and no-one is allowed to shoot unsupervised until they have completed a safety course AND demonstrated over a period of several months that they can carry on in a safe manner at all times.

Take care of your safety, and that of others, by being alert and keeping aware of what is happening around you. The danger might be someone else forgetting something simple. Everyone does it. Bring any concerns to the attention of the range officer or another experienced person.

Rifles must have been disabled by removing the bolt until placed on the firing point just before shooting starts, and must be disabled again before being removed from the firing point after shooting is complete. Rifles not currently being used to shoot should have a breech-flag inserted in the action to demonstrate that they have been cleared.


A second person must check that a rifle has been disabled after a shoot by looking through the barrel to ensure that the bolt is out, the breech is empty, and that there are no obstructions in the barrel itself. Only then can the breech flag be inserted and the rifle removed from the firing point.