Firearms Licensing

Firearms Licencing is dealt with by a department of the New South Wales Police Force, based in Paramatta. The Club can offer informal advice, but the Firearms Registry will be the most up-to-date source of information. Their powers include the right to create new regulations without reference to parliament within certain areas of the legislation.

Broadly, and we leave the details to the NSW Police Firearms Registry (which has its own suite of pages on the NSW Police website), you need to complete a short course of study in the safe handling of firearms, and pass a simple test. Having done this, and provided you have a sufficiently-good reason, you can then apply for a firearms licence. Target Shooting for sport is a good reason. The police conduct some background checks, and consider your "reason", and provided they are happy, they will grant you a firearms licence. Or not. It is at their discretion. Once you have your firearms licence, you can then further apply to the police to acquire your own firearm.

There are a myriad rules, definitions and regulations to learn and remember. Go and look at the Firearms Registry website.

The Club neither conducts the safety course, nor examines it, nor can get involved in any discussion with the Firearms Registry about any application.

To arrange to attend the Firearms Safety Training Course, please contact either the New South Wales Rifle Association on 02 9661 4532 or the NSW Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 for details on how to contact your nearest instructor.

Any further questions on licensing please refer to the NSW firearms registry at