Equipment for Shooting with Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club

Any new sport involves the acquisition of new equipment. Target Rifle shooting is no exception, but everything a beginner needs can be provided free.

Over time, should you decide to take up the sport, you will want to acquire your own kit, and we can advise you where to go and how much to pay. You will also learn what you need and what you don't need.

Until that time however, everything you need can be borrowed from the club, and you will be shown how to use it, how to shoot safely, and how to shoot well, before you have to commit a cent beyond your membership costs. [Apart from your ammo, of course!].

A fully-equipped rifle shooter will need a suitable rifle, a shooting jacket, (and a sling to connect the jacket, the rifle and the shooter into a single hard-to-shake mass). If you are shooting F-Class, you'll not need the jacket and sling, but you will need a bipod or rest. A hat and shooting specs if you normally wear glasses; a glove for the rifle hand to dampen vibration; a mat to lie on to be more comfortable (and dry), and if you are not shooting on the electronically-scored targets, you'll need a high-powered telescope on a stand to see the target and where your shot has just gone.

And waterproofs: we shoot in the rain, as long as the targets are actually visible.